Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Only the children know what they are looking for"

I don't really know where to begin so I will follow Mike's example and start from now and go backward.
My friends - the ol' gang - just left. It was the first time we hung out since I got back.
I slept all afternoon.
We went for Vietnamese food for lunch.
I went to my meeting this morning; it was the C.O.'s visit.

I got home from a party in Delburne (just outside of Red Deer. Why is it that the best parties are in the smallest towns? Toefield, Lacombe, Morningside, Delburne...) at 2:30 a.m.-ish.
Uh, I went to the party in Delburne.

Yadda, yadda, yadda... this could go on for quite some time.
Instead, I will leave you with an excerpt from The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery:

"Good morning," said the little prince.
"Good morning," said the merchant.
This was a merchant who sold pills that had been invented to quench thirst. You need only swallow one pill a week, and you would feel no need of anything to drink.
"Why are you selling those?" asked the little prince.
"Because they save a tremendous amount of time," said the merchant. "Computations have been made by experts. With these pills, you save fifty-three minutes in every week."
"And what do I do with those fifty-three minutes?"
"Anything you like . . ."
"As for me," said the little prince to himself, "if I had fifty-three minutes to spend as I liked, I should walk at my leisure toward a spring of fresh water."

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Here are some pictures from Mexico (no logical order). We took over 400 all together of the Mexico City trip alone so expect to see more in the future. In this one (taken by Erin) we are heading out to the Bruja for a beach day. Posted by Hello

At the bus depot in Mexico City. We are pretending to be happy to be leaving. Posted by Hello

From the top of the moon pyramid. Posted by Hello

The sun pyramid - My legs really hurt the next day. Posted by Hello

This is where I was a couple of hours before my flight - the Bruja. Posted by Hello

Where this picture is taken from - the roof of Laura and Ashley's, looking down at Russ' house, is where we slept on my last night in Mexico. Posted by Hello

comings and goings

I didn't get murdered in Mexico City, if that is what you were thinking.
No, I am alive, well (except for this cold) and back in Canada.

Mexico City was fantastic. We didn't even scratch the surface in the short time we were there. Two nights were spent at Bethel and two nights with a family we had never met. We toured the pyramids and got stared at for being the only white people at Six Flags. And then we came home.

I was quite sad to leave Mexico City and all the amazing people we met there.
And I was sad to leave Mazatlan on Wednesday. I was fine until everyone was making plans to go out the beach just before I left and Britanny said, "see you later" and I said it too and then realized that it wasn't true.
So I cried.

I am not sad to be home, though.
I really missed my family.
It's good to have a place that is this soft and comfortable to come back to.