Thursday, April 28, 2005

Throw a coin in the fountain of dust

I was just looking at my bank account activity. I never thought I would fall victim to that evil Starbucks but they are slowly stealing my money from me - $4.39 at a time - and all I get in return is a delicious... creamy...

Uh, I gotta go.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Killer Bees and Bee-Killers

It was such a beautiful day.
If I was going to spend it inside, I was at least going to let some fresh air in. I opened the back door wide and went to change my clothes. From my room, I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from the kitchen.
The biggest bee I have ever seen came whirring towards me. Now, I've seen bees. This thing was more like a flying rat.
I was finally able to catch him with the largest bowl in the house. The fact that I thought I needed to put a book on top of the bowl is a testament to how big he was.

So there it sat:

For three hours he buzzed angrily inside. I wasn't about to let him out. My plan was just to leave him there for someone else to get rid of. Jord came over (and scoffed at the book on top of the bowl, I might add). Then our little bee friend escaped. How is that even possible?? There was a book on top!  Posted by Hello

He's dead now. In a jar. I put the lid on because I think he might be faking it but I'm pretty sure. I feel awful. Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 24, 2005

She's only happy in the sun

Attention, all you who yearn for an update on the exhilarating subject on what I like to call "My Life":

Things are pretty rad.

I had an especially good weekend and I feel the urge to share it with you. I worked Friday (hurrah!) and then I was dragged out to a late movie. A lame movie, but a laughable one. Thus began my weekend intrigue... (I'm trying to create a little suspense to make you keep reading. Is it working?) So after a meager (or 'meagre', if you will) 5 hours of sleep, I went in early morning service. Keep in mind that I love sleep. It's one of my very favorite things.
So I went out in service and then headed straight to work in the afternoon. When that horrid task was accomplished I was, however, able to enjoy the fruits of my labor (I'm doing liquor demos and I got to bring some home).
Then I thought a little nap would be really nice....

But Serena called. We decided to go get coffee instead. Then, my blood crawling with pure vanilla-latte-goodness, we thought we'd give Kristian a scare. Serena's Jetta (his name is Car-car) was filled with all the ingredients necessary for a good spook (you know - branches, masking tape, wooden planks, bongo drum, ketchup...) and this idea gave us several hours of enjoyment.

When we finally revealed ourselves as the geniuses behind the scare (whichI think, admittedly, scared us more than him), Kristian kindly invited us in for chai.
We phoned Jord too, who was apparently sleeping but came over anyway.

Then we had a really great opening-up session.
It wasn't on a roof in Mexico, but it was good.

All of a sudden it was about 4 am.
So I went home, slept until 9, went to my meeing at 10 and then made a really fantastic decision.
I decided not to go to work.

Instead, we went for lunch. Thin crust BBQ chicken pizza... mmm hmm.

Then I spent my afternoon away, curled up in my backyard with a sleeping bag. I had a lines-on-my-face-good nap.

This would be a good time to mention that Nate and Jay are bringing back the hackey-sack, making quite the noble effort. There were people hacking in my backyard all afternoon while I slept and listened to their great music.

The moral of the story is... well, enjoy your moments in the sun. Or, no, maybe it's "sleep outside -it's really great". Or, "hackey-sacks are soo making a comeback".

Or, perhaps, "call in sick - you look like you need a 'mental health day' ".

Friday, April 22, 2005

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

This is what caffeine does to me. Posted by Hello

I always knew Nathan was a cupcake-head... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

last chance to lose your keys

The sky is gray today.
But it's just not the same in Calgary. I want the dark clouds to settle just above the house tops. And I want rain.
I miss BC.

I must really be looking for comfort today. I came home from service and made myself some soup and I'm not talking about the instant miso that I eat pretty much every day since Erin got me addicted - I'm having borscht. Like my grandma used to make.

It might just be that I'm feeling a little ill after working in service with Lina this morning. For the first time in my life, I think I got carsick. She's really sweet but she has an, um, unique driving style.

Well, I am going to have a quick shower. That sounds warm and... comforting.

Monday, April 11, 2005

A celebratory blue house... because I made it though another week of work (And by week, I mean three days). Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005

We all have a map of the piano

The best part of work is the end.